Dungeons of Daggorath
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I dare ye enter the Dungeons of Daggorath

The first computer we got when I was a child was a Tandy Color Computer 2. I fell in love with the infinite possibilites offered by having a computer in the home, particularly around entertainment and learning. From this system I first learned how to program. And yes, I played games. My favorite game was one of the first single player games, written by DynaMicro Inc., named Dungeons of Daggorath.

With this port of Dungeons of Daggorath to the web I am merely standing on the shoulders of giants. Some of these giants include:

What is Dungeons of Daggorath?

Others have better descriptions than I can offer here. See The Dungeons of Daggorath Video Game for more information.

See below for a great video guide about Dungeons of Daggorath by Retro Hack Shack:

So what is this port?

This port takes the SDL 2 Port and makes the necessary changes to run it under WebAssembly. For now this is a pretty basic/straightforward port - but look for more features going forward (contributions definitely welcome!)